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Funny Quotations from United States of Tara

"United States of Tara" is a television dramedy series that began airing on January 18, 2009 and ended on June 20, 2011. The series follows the life of Tara, a surburban housewife and mother that has dissociative identity disorder in Overland Park, Kansas. The show represents a somewhat typical life of an American family dealing with the issue. The show won numerous awards throughout its showing.

You'll find some of the humorous quotes from the show "United States of Tara" listed below.

Tara: [as Alice] What is it?
Kate: Just having a weird day.
Tara: Well, snap yourself out of it. We're here to have a nice dinner.
Kate: I don't wanna have a nice dinner.
Max: Looks like someone forgot their pants.
Tara: i like to think of it as remembering my ass.
Tara: Listen, I want to thank you for being such a strong, supportive kid. I'm lucky.
Marshall: We're lucky, Mom. Because of you, we get to be interesting.
Tara: Do you like being interesting?
Marshall: I love it!
Tara: Am I high?
Marshall: Maybe a little bit.
Tara: We're fully laminated.
Kate: This is why I love you the best of all the alters!
Tara: Drugs not hugs.
Tara: When have you become so perfect?
Max: Since Shoshana put me on a low dose of prozac.
Tara: I wish she could prescribe.
Tara: You should have protected me mom!
Charmaine: Tara, you know what today is? Today is my bullet train to a new life.
Marshall: Ron Paul? Really?
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