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Funny Quotations from Ugly Betty

"Ugly Betty" is a television dramedy series that began airing on September 28, 2006 and ended on April 14, 2010. It was created by Fernando Gaitan. The series revolves around Betty Suarezm, a young quirky Mexican-American woman from Queens, New York who lacks fashion sense. Much of the show takes place while Betty is at work in a high fashion magazine.

You'll find humorous quotes from the show "Ugly Betty" below.

Betty Suarez: You can take my bunny but you can't take my spirit!
Wilhelmina Slater: Did you just motion at me when you said Kwanza?
Marc St. James: Nice vest!
Justin Suarez: Ralph Lauren, we got it half price because there is a small hole but you can't even see it.
Marc St. James: So, the kids at school, do they like it?
Justin Suarez: No. They don't really get me.
Marc St. James: A word of advice, be who you are, wear what you want, just learn how to run real fast.
Wilhelmina Slater: Nico, I told you only emergencies.
[pauses for a moment, listening]
Wilhelmina Slater: No. You cannot submit my apartment for 'pimp yo house'!
Hilda Suarez: It looks like the gay version of 'Star Trek'.
Christina: A heart for Wilhelmina, courage for Mark, and a brain for Amanda.
Betty Suarez: Walter!
Walter: Wh-what? I'm shopping.
Betty Suarez: No you don't have a feminine itch...
Lena: You didn't check for ID, did you? You naughty boy.
Betty Suarez: Maybe you could try something catchy. Oh! Like that donut shop downstairs: 'A Hole Lot of Fun'. That just makes me smile!
Giovanni: Yeah yeah yeah! That's also the name of a strip club in Bayside!
Betty Suarez: Eww! And now I know you better...
Daniel Meade: Mom, didn't Dad used to call me 'My Daniel'?
Alexis Meade: Maybe he called you 'My Dumbass'!
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