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Quotations from The X-Files

"The X-Files" is a science-fiction thriller about two detectives who work as FBI agents that investigate x-files, unsolved cases that generally deal with the supernatural. The series lasted from September 10, 1993 until May 19, 2002, totalling 202 episodes through nine seasons.

Below you'll find great quotes from the show "The X-Files".

The Cigarette Smoking Man: You can kill a man but you can't kill what he stands for. Not unless you first break his spirit. That's a beautiful thing to see.
Scully: The dark Gothic manor, the omnipresent low fog hugging the thicket of overgrowth... Wait. Is that a hound I hear baying out on the moors?
Mulder: No, actually that was a left cheek sneak.
Scully: It's a woman. Mulder, it looks like they were shot to death.
Mulder: Yeah.
Scully: You know what's weird?
Mulder: What?
Scully: Mulder, she's wearing my outfit.
Scully: A dream is an answer to a question we haven't learned how to ask.
John Doggett: So is there anything really heavy that I can move for you, a dresser, a fridge.
Monica Reyes: No, but thank you, John, you just missed movers.
John Doggett: You don't say? I brought you a housewarming gift.
Monica Reyes: Hot dogs?
Fox Mulder: This is the fingerprint I took yesterday from Usher's office, these others are from an X-File. Ten murders, Baltimore area, undetermined points of entry, each victim had their liver removed.
Dana Scully: Ten murders? Colton never mentioned...
Fox Mulder: Most likely he's unaware of them. These two prints were lifted five years before he was born, at Powhattan Mill. And these three were lifted probably... five years before his mother was even born.
Dana Scully: Are you saying these prints are from the 1960's and 1930's?
Fox Mulder: And fingerprinting was just coming into its own in 1903, but there was a murder then involving an extracted liver.
Dana Scully: Of course.
Dana Scully: You're saying these are copycats?
Fox Mulder: What did we learn our first day at the academy, Scully? Every fingerprint is unique. These are a perfect match.
Dana Scully: Well, what then? That this is the work of a hundred-year-old serial killer who's capable of overpowering a healthy six-foot-two businessman?
Fox Mulder: And he should stick out in a crowd with ten-inch fingers.
Scully: Mulder, we've got this conference, they're waiting.
Mulder: Yeah. How do I say this without using any negative words, Scully.
Scully: You want me to tell them that you're not going to make it to this year's teamwork seminar.
Mulder: Yes. You see that? We don't need that conference. We have communication like that - unspoken. You know what I'm thinking.
John Doggett: Dead men don't tip, Agent Scully.
Scully: There has got to be a scientific explanation to this!
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