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Quotations from The Sopranos

"The Sopranos" is a television drama series that aired from January 10, 1999 until June 10, 2007. The series follows the lives of the Sopranos, a mob family in New Jersey. Much of the series is about the mobster Tony Soprano and his panic attacks. The series won 21 Emmy Awards and has been the center of American popular culture.

Below you'll find some quotations from the series "The Sopranos".

Dr. Jennifer Melfi: Are you still taking the lithium?
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: Lithium, Prozac. When's it gonna end?
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: We're trying to give a jolt to your system. Give it a... a little kick-start.
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: Why don't you kick me in the fuckin' head?
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: I know what you're going through must be painful.
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: This isn't painful. Getting shot is painful. Getting stabbed in the ribs is painful. This shit isn't painful. It's empty... dead.
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: There's an old Italian saying: you fuck up once, you lose two teeth.
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: You're looking good. Looking better.
Corrado Erico 'Uncle Junior' Soprano: Tony, if you're gonna lie to me, tell me there's a broad in the car waiting to tongue my balls.
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: Hey, You want that, it's a phone call away.
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: I wipe my ass with your feelings.
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: What fucking kind of human being am I, if my own mother wants me dead?
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: [about his father] The belt was his favorite child development tool.
Silvio Dante: My daughter got off on this feminist rant. She told me it's demeaning for a girl to be working at the Bing. The fact that these girls make $1500 a week has no bearing with my principessa.
Carmela Soprano: I know you better than anybody, Tony, even your friends. Which is probably why you hate me.
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: Oh, poor baby. What do you want, a Whitman's Sampler?
Eugene Pontecorvo: The only thing I ever found in the street was my first wife.
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