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Quotations from The Mentalist

"The Mentalist" is a television police series that debuted on September 23, 2008. The series features a former psychic turned consultant to the California Bureau of Investigation. He uses her observational skills to help him "read" other people's minds. The series stars Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, and Tim Kang.

Find quotations from the series below.

Virgil Minelli: Oh, hi. Lisbon. Still here?
Teresa Lisbon: Uh, that was more of a rhetorical stand, we were taking back there.
Virgil Minelli: You take it back then?
Teresa Lisbon: Oh no, but I wanted to talk to you...
Virgil Minelli: This! The, uhm, the suspension paperwork, right here...
Teresa Lisbon: Look, I...
Virgil Minelli: I have to go and visit my sister in Hawaii for a week. She's sick. Meanwhile, this paperwork is going to sit on my desk. For a week. Is that clear? One week.
Teresa Lisbon: Yes sir! Thank you...
Virgil Minelli: Yes... Be very grateful. Do not contact me, I do not want to know anything. And please, do not dig the hole that you are standing in any deeper than you have already dug it.
Teresa Lisbon: Minelli wants me to keep a watch on you.
Patrick Jane: What are you going to do?
Teresa Lisbon: I'm not going to follow you around. Let's compromise, when you get in trouble, call me first so I can try and minimize the damage.
Patrick Jane: Deal.
Teresa Lisbon: And-and don't use your CBI card. The Bureau find out you used it without authorization, you're done.
Patrick Jane: I hear you.
Patrick Jane: It's nice to be nice. But if you want to get ahead in life, sometimes you have to be a bitch. I know you know how.
Grace Van Pelt: Gee, thanks.
Patrick Jane: It's all about the balance, Grace. Yin, Yang. Nice, bitch. Little bit of bitch inside the nice, a little bit of nice inside the bitch.
Grace Van Pelt: Yeah, I'll work on that.
Patrick Jane: Keep 'em guessin'.
Teresa Lisbon: Yes, we get it. You're very calm and in control, Rick. For a man being questioned in a double murder investigation.
Rick Carris: I didn't do this thing. Although, I've been sitting in this chair so many times, this is kind of restful.
Kimball Cho: That's right, isn't it? Many times.
Patrick Jane: Why so glum? Case is a case.
Wayne Rigsby: We're in the middle of nowhere. Windy as hell. I haven't eaten anything. Dismemberments are a bitch! You spend months assembling the victim. There's always a piece missing!
Wayne Rigsby: Ah, the Hustler returns. Lisbon says you won a whole bunch of money.
Patrick Jane: Oh, I didn't do too badly.
Wayne Rigsby: How much did you win?
Patrick Jane: About $250,000.
Patrick Jane: I have a daughter about your age, if I hadn't caused her death. Her and her mother.
Frankie O'Keefe: How?
Patrick Jane: Out of arrogance. Stupidity. I made an evil man very angry and he killed them to make me sorry for what I'd done. And I am sorry. Being sorry is a far worse punishment than being dead, everybody dies. Very few people ever feel truly sorry for the bad things they've done.
Sheriff McAllister: What? Are you clairovoyant or some gizmo? You got psychic powers?
Patrick Jane: No. No powers. Had 'em once. I mean I pretended I had 'em obviously. No such thing as psychic powers.
Sam Bosco: Hi Jane, you're under arrest.
Teresa Lisbon: What the Hell? What are you doing, Bosco?
Teresa Lisbon: That's interesting, but you could have told me that on the phone.
Patrick Jane: I needed a visitor. So I could get into the Visitor's Room.
Teresa Lisbon: How I wish I had my gun.
Patrick Jane: Crime fighting's hard. Suck it up.
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