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Funny Quotations from The Larry Sanders Show

"The Larry Sanders Show" is a television sitcom that aired from August 15, 1992 to May 31, 1998 totalling 89 episodes and six seasons. The series stars Garry Shandling as the talk show host Larry Sanders. It shows the people behind the scenes, including celebrities playing a parody of themselves. The series is listed as one of TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time and is the only HBO comedy to make the list. It is also on Time magazine's list of 100 Best TV Shows of All Time.

Below are some great humorous quotes from "The Larry Sanders Show".

Arthur: Ivanka is in on Thursday. She's slim and sexy. She puts the 'supe' in supermodel.
Larry Sanders: Thursday?
Arthur: Yeah. Why don't you have dinner with her tonight?
Larry Sanders: Maybe go over the questions?
Arthur: Precisely. Ivanka! Keep your mind off of Roseanne.
Larry Sanders: Hey, Roseanne who?
Arthur: These days, who the fuck knows.
Henry Winkler: I just heard that you were coming out with some kind of a tape... an exercise tape. Congratulations.
Hank Kingsley: What is that, a joke? What, are you trying to be funny? You know, you can't just bang a jukebox and go, "ayyyyy" and all your problems disappear, Fonzie.
Henry Winkler: [pause] It worked for me.
Hank Kingsley: Go fuck yourself.
Arthur: [to Phil] Brian has filed a lawsuit against The Larry Sanders Show for sexual harrassment, and you've got top billing.
Larry: Plus, you stole my 'gay dog' joke. What is that about?
Hank Kingsley: For your information Miss Smartypants, I've been thinking about dropping Alzheimer's for 5 years - c'mon guys, where's the cure?
Hank Kingsley: Be on the phone and be sure you get me something for this Saturday and Darlene, remember...
Darlene Chapinni: Oh yeah, nothing contagious.
Hank Kingsley: What about the time I chipped my tooth on the bathroom urinal? What the FUCK is so comical about that!
Larry: It was a back tooth Hank.
[under his breath]
Larry: I don't know how you did it.
Jerry Seinfeld: Anyway Larry, we're going to enjoy watching you in syndication, after this.
Larry: This show isn't going to be syndicated.
Jerry Seinfeld: Oh that's right, that's me.
Arthur: Your fly is undone.
Larry: Oh, thanks.
Arthur: Just doing my job.
Larry: It's your job to look at my crotch?
Arthur: I consider it one of my perks.
Bruno Kirby: I was in "The Godfather".
Hank Kingsley: I don't think so.
Bruno Kirby: I was in "The Godfather Part 2".
Hank Kingsley: Oh see, I only saw part 3, the good one.
Darlene Chapinni: I'm going to Hank's restaurant to drop off his reading glasses.
Larry: I'll just drop you off round the corner.
Darlene Chapinni: The relationship with you and Hank is so cool.
Larry: I'll just drop you off round the corner.
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