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Quotations from The Fugitive

"The Fugitive" is a television drama series that aired from September 17, 1963 to August 29, 1967 totalling 120 episodes. The series features a doctor from the fictional town of Stafford, Indiana that was falsely confused of his own wife's murder and was given the death penalty. While going to death row, his train derails and allows him to escape to search for the real killer of his wife. The television series is ranked as one of TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.

Below you'll find some quotations from "The Fugitive".

Joe Smith: Murder?
Dr. Richard Kimble: Arrested. Tried. Convicted. Innocent.
Joe Smith: I believe you.
Dr. Richard Kimble: [Kimble is down from the amusement park tower after Johnson has fallen to his death after being shot by Gerard] You saved my life. He confessed up there, for what it's worth.
Lt. Philip Gerard: I'm afraid you know what that's worth.
Lloyd Chandler: [overcome with guilt about not coming forward with information that could have saved Kimble, finally confesses] Lieutenant, I saw that man, Fred Johnson, murder Helen Kimble!
Lt. Philip Gerard: [looks at Kimble in stunned disbelief, then turns to Chandler] Are you willing to testify to that effect?
Lloyd Chandler: Yes. I will.
Leonard Taft: [as Lt. Gerard is about to take Kimball in] I don't envy you your job, Lieutenent.
Lt. Gerard: Oh? It's like a paid vacation, really.
[Kimble has cornered Fred Johnson at gunpoint atop an aerial ride at the Stafford Amusement Park]
Dr. Kimble: All right, we're going back.
Johnson: You won't shoot me, you need me alive!
Lt. Gerard: Alright, hold it, Kimble!
[turns to cab driver]
Lt. Gerard: I'm sorry, your fare already left!
[cab driver pulls away]
Lt. Gerard: All right, hands behind you.
Dr. Kimble: Gerard, for the first time I feel I'm really close to something.
Lt. Gerard: It had to happen someday. You knew that. I'm sorry. You just ran out of time.
Lt. Philip Gerard: Did you kill Helen Kimble?
Fred Johnson: I wanna see a lawyer.
Lt. Philip Gerard: Why did you lie?
Fred Johnson: I don't have to answer any more questions.
Lt. Philip Gerard: [grabs Johnson by the shirt, then savagely] Did you kill Helen Kimble?
Capt. Ralph Lee: [restraining Gerard] Phil!
Narrator: A free man, Fred Johnson, boarded a train that will take him east, to Indiana, to Stafford.
[We then see another train, with Gerard sitting next to Kimble, almost exactly as they sat on the fateful train ride that led to Kimble's escape]
Narrator: Hours later, two men boarded another train that will bring them to the same destination. For one of these, the moment of arrival will be one of grim and long-sought triumph. For the other, his homecoming will mark only one more stop on his way to a destiny decreed in a court of law years before.
[We see Richard Kimble close up, his facial expression unchanged but his eyes conveying the terrifying reality of his pending wrongful death]
Narrator: Richard Kimble is on his way home, and to an overdue appointment. With death.
Dr. Kimble: I'm going to save him, even if I have to take your purse, your car keys, or whatever else I have to do.
Barbara Webb: You're threatening me.
Barbara Webb: Doctor Kimble asked him if he killed his wife and he nodded yes! I saw him!
Lt. Gerard: Of course he nodded. He was afraid Kimble would stop helping him. But your problem is still this: either you tell me where to find Kimble or you go to jail.
Herb Malone: Lieutenant, no matter how she feels now, she certainly wouldn't help Kimble originally unless he'd forced her!
Barbara Webb: I could say that to a jury, they would probably believe me, but it is not true.
Dr. Richard Kimble: [after confiscating football cards Phil Jr. has been dropping] No Johnny Unitas. To not have a Johnny Unitas. How long have you been dropping these?
Philip Gerard Jr.: Not far. Honest.
Dr. Richard Kimble: Now listen to me. I'm not your father. If I killed my wife, I'm dangerous. If I didn't, I'm tired of running. Either way you'd be a smart boy if you just sit there and behave yourself and don't try anything. All right?
Dr. Richard Kimble: [after Phil Jr. nods in fear] All right.
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