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Quotations from The Cosby Show

"The Cosby Show" is an American sitcom about the Huxtables, a black family. The series is based on Bill Cosby's comedy routine as he lives the life of an an affluent obstetrician with an attorney wife. Together, the couple has four daughters and a son, who is dyslexic. The series ran from September 20, 1984 until April 30, 1992 totalling 201 episodes.

Below you'll find quotes from the series "The Cosby Show".

Cliff: Did you call your sister a baby?
Rudy: No. I clled her a chicken baby.
Cliff: Where are you going dressed like that?
Denise: School.
Cliff: What, is it scarecrow day?
Cliff: What's the matter?
Rudy: I'm bored.
Cliff: You're bored? Well that's funny, because I've got $3 million of books up in your room.
Cliff: I'm so smart, I'm smarter than me.
Theo: Mom, will you stop? I'm not some criminal, I'm our kid!
Clair: No, you're not. You said you wanted me to treat you like an adult.
Theo: Is this how you treat adults?
Clair: When I take 'em to court, yes!
Cliff: Take the glasses off!
[Denise takes them off, revealing weird make-up on the side of her face]
Cliff: Put the glasses on!
Theo: He's a inister, dad. He'l tell God we're crazy!
Theo: You two are the most obnoxious people that I ever met.
Rudy: Thank you, your grumpiness.
Cliff: No 14-year old boy may wear a 95-dollar jacket unless he's on stage with his four brothers.
Vanessa: Rudy, what are you gonna do in life with a fourth grade education?
Rudy: Teach third grade!
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