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Quotations from The Closer

"The Closer" is a television police series that ran from June 13, 2005 to August 13, 2012. The series was created by James Duff, Michael M. Robin, and Greer Shephard. "The Closer" stars Kyra Sedwick aas Brenda Leigh Johnson, a Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief. She is the Closer, a person who interrogates and obtains confessions that lead to convictions. She often uses deceit and intimidation to get her suspects to confess.

Below you'll find quotes from the series "The Closer".

Brenda Leigh Johnson: [after learning that Lt. Flynn went over her head regarding the Special Master Motion] Have a seat. I should like to state as emphatically as I can how unhappy I am that you went over my head. This idea of yours is a no-go because I don't like waitin' around for two months while a judge determines exactly what a Special Master can do in this case and then maybe lose the hearing. However, if we find ourselves reduced to pursuing alternatives of a dubious legal nature or should the sun explode I promise to reconsider your suggestion. Meanwhile, I expect you to get the kids from the phone dump into this office for interviews. Thank you.
Brenda Leigh Johnson: There is no substitute for sugar.
Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson: Our dead... paparazzo may have taken some compromising photos.
Asst. Police Chief Will Pope: Why do we think this?
Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson: Because there was no camera.
Captain Taylor: Who's your witness?
Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson: Elvis Presley. He's also a suspect.
Captain Taylor: Let's just tell the press, "No Comment".
Howard Pierce: Are you in charge?
Agent Fritz Howard: [gesturing to Brenda] Talk to the lady.
Commissioner Andrew Schmidt: Odd, isn't it, how our enemies never change. During World War II, they recited "Mein Kampf" while shoving people into gas chambers. And during most of my professional life, they quoted Marx and Engels while they shot you in the back of the head. And now, they misuse the Qur'an. Same people. Different books.
Brenda Leigh Johnson: Detective Sanchez! Stop that bride!
Brenda Leigh Johnson: Detective, what do you think of my lipstick?
Det. Irene Daniels: Uh... you asking me as a friend, or the Chief?
Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson: What I wouldn't give to see the egg she hatched from.
Bill Croelick: It's crazy, you know, having a wildlife park in the center of a city. I look around at your little nature preserve and you know what I see? It's all fuel. And you, and you, and you: rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, black man, white man, Deputy Chief. Fire doesn't care about your name, or rank, or badge number; you're all just bite-sized lumps of flesh and bone in the flaming food chain... God I'm hungry!
Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson: What makes a child go bad? Nature or nurture?
Lieutenant Mike Tao: Unfortunately Chief, by the time we get involved, it really doesn't matter.
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