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Quotations from St. Elsewhere

"St. Elsewhere" is a television medical drama about a fictional teaching hospital in Boston's South End neighborhood called St. Eligius. The season aired from October 26, 1982 to May 25, 1988. The series stars Ed Flanders, Norman Lloyd, and William Daniels. The term "St. Elsewhere" is a term coined by hospital personel to mean hospitals which are lesser-equipped and serve patients which other, higher quality, hospitals do not want.

Quotations from the series can be found below.

Monsignor: I don't like you, McCabe. You're a smoothie from Southie. You wear a clerical collar and convince people you're a good person without doing anything to earn it.
Father McCabe: And you're a petty bureaucrat who uses the power of the Catholic Church as if Jesus Christ was your idea.
Dr. Craig: [looking at an x-ray] There's a liver not long for this world.
Dr. Daniel Auschlander: It's mine.
Dr. Mark Craig: I'm sick and tired of sacrificing residents, so you can feel like Mother Teresa.
Dr. Mark Craig: Premature is a relative term, Donald.
Dr. Wayne Fiscus: I have a hunch.
Dr. Mark Craig: So did Quasimodo.
Everybody: You're a pig, Ehrlich.
Dr. Mark Craig: [to Ehrlich] You moron!
Dr. Donald Westphall: Oh, boy.
Dr. Mark Craig: Do me a favor, say "moose and squirrel".
Natasha: [in her thick Russian accent] Moose and squirrel.
Dr. Mark Craig: That's what I thought.
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