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Funny Quotations from Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

"Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In" is a television sketch comedy show that lasted from 1968 to 1973 totalling 140 episodes. The hosts of the show are Dan Rowan and Dick Martin feauring a variety of guests including Chelsea Brown, Johnny Brown, Judy Carne, Richard Dawson and many more. "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In" is ranked as one of TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.

Below are some humorous quotes from the television series.

Barbara Feldon: I have nothing against Hugh Hefner personally. It's just that I object to anyone building an empire based on the moral standards of a rabbit.
Jo Anne Worley: In my opinion, the Soviet Union is just a communist front.
Eileen: If they take the violence off TV, the kids won't have anything to watch on Saturday Morning.
Barbara Feldon: We really learned the 3 Rs "Reading, Writing, and Rhythm".
Dan Rowan: Hey, next week have we got a show...
Dick Martin: I'd like to say something my mother once said.
Dick Martin: Blow in my ear and I'll follow you anywhere.
Judy Carne: I'll always call England the mother country, whether the queen takes the pill or not.
Announcer: This show was prerecorded earlier, because it didn't make much sense to prerecorded it later.
German Soldier: Very interesting, not very funny, but very interesting.
Barbara Sharma: Miss Diller, what can a girl do about bad breath?
Phyllis Diller: Keep your mouth shut.
Alan Sues: Hey, Goldie, does the high cost of living bother you?
Goldie Hawn: No, I live on the ground-floor apartment.
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