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Quotations from Mad Men

"Mad Men" is a television period drama created and produced by Matthew Weiner. The series began airing on July 19, 2007. The show is set in the 1960s at a fictional advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York City. "Mad Men" revolves around Don Draper (Jon Hamm) the creative director of the agency. The plot focuses on the business as well as the personal lives of the characters. The series regularly depicts the social problems and changes within people's lives during the 1960s.

Don Draper: I can't decide... if you have everything... or nothing.
Midge Daniels: I live in the moment. Nothing *is* everything.
Midge Daniels: 11 a.m. Did you get fired?
Don Draper: Brought Betty into the city to see the doctor, but honestly, I think I'm not feeling so great. I called in sick.
Midge Daniels: Don't bring that here. I'm serious, Don, don't talk to me about her. That makes me feel cruel.
Don Draper: Utopia.
Rachel Menken: Maybe. They taught us at Barnard about that word, 'utopia'. The Greeks had two meaning for it: 'eu-topos', meaning the good place, and 'u-topos' meaning the place that cannot be.
Roger Sterling: I bet there were people walking around in the Bible complaining about kids today.
Arthur Case: You're so profoundly sad.
Betty Draper: No. It's just my people are Nordic.
Roger Sterling: I mean Roosevelt, I hated the man, but I felt like I knew him.
Anna: Are you Donald Draper?
Don Draper: Yes, I am. If it's about my circular, many of the models are gone. But, uh, I'm sure we could find you something.
Anna: Oh, I'm not here to buy a car. You're a hard man to find.
Don Draper: Excuse me?
Anna: You're not Don Draper.
Peggy Olson: You just don't imagine her ever being alone. She was so famous.
Hollis: Some people just hide in plain sight.
Joan Holloway: One day you'll lose someone who's important to you. You'll see. It's very painful.
Don Draper: It's your life. You don't know how long it's gonna last, but you know it doesn't end well. You've gotta move forward... as soon as you can figure out what that means.
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