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Quotations from Lost

"Lost" is a supernatural, scifi, adventure drama that aired from 2004 to 2010 consisting of six seasons and 121 episodes. The drama follows the lives of survivors of the crash of a commercial passenger jet that was flying between Sydney and Los Angeles. The survivors live on a mysterious tropical island in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. The story is told in a serialized manner. Each episode has a primary storyline on the island and a secondary storyline about a specific character's life. The series won numerous awards, including Outstanding Drama Series in 2005.

Locke: Francine feels a little too much if you ask me. You all do. I mean, seriously...?So-and-so never called me back, my mother stole thirty dollars from me" - I never even knew who my parents *were*. A couple years ago my birth mother found me and she told me - I was 'special'. And through her I met my real father - great news, right? Well, he pretended to love me just long enough to steal my kidney because he had to have a transplant! And then he dropped me back in the world like a piece of trash just like he did on the day I was born.
Sayid: Jack.
Jack: Don't. It's not real. Look, you want to push the button, you do it yourself.
Locke: If it's not real, then what are you doing here, Jack? Why did you come back? Why do you find it so hard to believe?
Jack: Why do you find it so easy?
Locke: It's never been easy!
Henry Gale: ...So I guess I'm out of the book club.
Karl: What are the people like? From your plane?
Sawyer: Oh, they're just awesome!
Jack: What is that?
Juliet: This, Jack, is your life.
Tom: What happened?
Jack Shephard: I accidentally nicked an artery.
Tom: Isn't that what you already did?
Jack Shephard: Yeah, well, that was on purpose.
Sayid Jarrah: Alex?
Alex: How do you know my name?
Sayid Jarrah: You look just like your mother.
Alex: How could you know? My mother's dead.
Sayid Jarrah: Yes, I am sure that is what they told you.
John Locke: Where did you get electricity?
Ben Linus: We have two giant hamsters running in a massive wheel in our secret underground lair.
John Locke: Yeah, very funny.
Desmond: See you in another life then, eh brother?
Jason McCormack: I know you?
Ana-Lucia Cortez: [coldly] I was *pregnant*.
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