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Quotations from E.R.

E.R. is a famous television drama series about the lives of emergency room doctors and nurses. The series lasted 15 seasons and is the longest-lasting medical drama in American television history. The show received 124 Emmy nominations with 23 wins.

Today, E.R. is seen as one of the most famous television series to involve a hospital staff. Towards the end of the series, a multitude of shows tried to follow E.R.'s formula as an evening drama and were successful. As well, other series began airing while simply copying the formula of being in a hospital and following the lives of doctors.

Dr. Kerry Weaver: The food was terrible, the music stinks, the drinks were watered down, but you sure know how to throw a party.

Dr. Deb Chen: Luka's sleeping.
Dr. Susan Lewis: With who?

Dr. Robert Romano: Is anybody in this city not sick? It's like the damn plague down here.

Dr. Dave Malucci: You're not the first to be deceived by my rugged good looks and boyish charm.

Dr. Susan Lewis: Hey, what do you use for maggots these days?
Dr. Mark Greene: It's a nice thought, but Kerry's immune to it...

Dr. Elizabeth Corday: I've found a way to limit my Romano exposure.
Dr. Peter Benton: Oh yeah, what's that? Garlic?

Dr. Susan Lewis: Okay, I'm gonna go to Doc Magoo's, get some breakfast, find a toothbrush, change my underwear, and then I'll clear your board.

Dr. Susan Lewis: Students wanna be residents., residents wanna be attendings...
Dr. John Carter: And attendings just wanna be left alone.

Dr. Kerry Weaver: It's not a good idea to shock a patient who's wide-awake.

Dr. Doug Ross: I'm a doctor and nothing gets in the way of that. Nothing.

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