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Funny Quotations from Cheers

Cheers is a sitcom that aired in the 1980s and early 1990s lasting a total of 11 seasons. Ted Danson stars as Sam, a former pitcher, bartender, and owner of a bar named Cheers. Kirstie Alley's character is a part-owner and at one point owner of the tavern. Nicholas Colasanto, John Ratzenberger, Kelsey Grammer, and George Wendt act as customers of the establishment.

Below you'll find some humorous quotes from the famous TV show of the 1980s, "Cheers".

Woody: Jack Frost nipping at your toes, Mr. Peterson?
Norm: Yeah, now let's get Joe Beer nipping at my liver.
Sam: What'll you have Normie?
Norm: Well, I'm in a gambling mood Sammy. I'll take a glass of whatever comes out of that tap.
Sam: Looks like beer, Norm.
Norm: Call me Mister Lucky.
Sam: To me, our relationship makes perfect sense. You want me to propose to you, I propose to you. You say no. I say fine, I never wanna see you again. You drive me nuts telling me you want me to propose again. I do. You turn me down. Next thing I know I'm in a court of law where I've got to propose to you or go to jail. It's the classic American love story.
Sam: What's new, Normie?
Norm: Terrorists, Sam. They've taken over my stomach and they're demanding beer.
Diane: He's trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.
Carla: He wants you to wear a padded bra?
Sam: I've never met an intelligent woman I'd want to date.
Diane: On behalf of all the intelligent women in America, may I just say: whew.
Nick: You think it's easy being a lousy father?
Cliff: Is this me or is this getting a little weird?
Carla: You passed weird six months ago.
Norm: Now you're boldly going where no man has gone before.
Cliff: Boy, I guess it's true what they say, huh? There's a fine line between gardening and madness.
Cliff: What a pathetic display. I'm ashamed God made me a man.
Carla: I don't think God's doing a lot of bragging either.
[Lilith and Frasier are having a fight]
Lilith: I described you in terms which were positively glowing, which is exactly how I'd like to see you in Hell.
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