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Quotations from Breaking Bad

"Breaking Bad" is a television series crime drama set in Albuquerque, New Mexico about a struggling high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer at the beginning of the series. The teacher turns to a life of crime, producing and selling meth in hopes of securing a financial future for his family before he dies. The series has received widespread acclaim, winning six Emmy Awards, including three consecutive wins for Lead Actor in a Drama Series. The series has lasted a total of five seasons. Below are some quotations from the TV series.

Walter H. White: What are you offering me?
Saul Goodman: What did Tom Hagen do for Vito Corleone?
Walter H. White: I'm no Vito Corleone.
Saul Goodman: No Shit! Right now you're Fredo!
Walt: Last time I checked, there was 16oz to a lb. What'd you do with the rest, smoke it?
Jesse Pinkman: Yo I been out there all night slangin' crystal. You think it's cake movin' a lb of meth one teenth at a time?
Walt: So why you selling it in such small quantities? Why don't you just sell the whole lb at once?
Jesse Pinkman: To who? What do I look like? Scarface?
Walt: This is unacceptable. I am breaking the law here. This return is too little for the risk. I thought you'd be ready for another lb today.
Jesse Pinkman: You may know a lot about chemistry man but you don't know jack about slangin' dope.
Walter H. White: We have to move our production bulk wholesale now. How do we do that?
Jesse Pinkman: What do you mean? To, like, a distributor?
Walter H. White: Yes. Yes, that's what we need. We need a distributor now. Do you know anyone like that?
Jesse Pinkman: Yeah. I mean, I used to until you killed him.
Jesse Pinkman: When were you gonna tell me?
Walter H. White: Tell you what?
Jesse Pinkman: Cancer!, You got it right?
Walter H. White: [surprised] How did you know?
Jesse Pinkman: my aunt, had one those dots on her, to target the radiation, what is it in your lung? I'm your partner man, you should of told me, thats not cool man, not at all. What stage are you?
Walter H. White: [feeling nauseated, clutching his stomach as he catches his breath] 3A
Jane Margolis: Do you know what this is?
Jesse Pinkman: It's a whole lot of cheddar.
Jane Margolis: This is freedom. This is saying, "I can go anywhere I want. I can be anybody." What do you want to be? Where do you want to go? South America? Europe? Australia?
Jesse Pinkman: Is New Zealand part of Australia?
Jane Margolis: New Zealand is New Zealand.
Jesse Pinkman: Right on. New Zealand. That's where they made "Lord of the Rings". I say we just move there, yo. I mean, you can do your art. Right? Like, you can paint the local castles and shit. And I can be a bush pilot.
Walter H. White: [while shopping at the building supply center, Walt notices a cart full of meth supplies. The Tweeker who belongs to the cart puts boxes of wooden matches in the cart] You're buying the wrong matches. Those matches. They're the wrong kind. Red phosphorous is found in the striker strips, not the matches themselves. You need to get the big 200-count box of individual match books. More striker strips. You understand? Those only have the one. And don't buy everything in one place. Do it piecemeal. Different items, different stores. Attracts less attention. Hmm? You following me here
Jesse Pinkman: Battery's dead.
Walter H. White: Jesse. Back when I asked you to put the keys in a safe place, where did you put them?
Jesse Pinkman: I left them right here. In the, um... the ignition.
Walter H. White: Son of a bitch!
Jesse Pinkman: Whoa whoa. No, this is not my fault, alright? The buzzer didn't buzz.
Walter H. White: Jesse. Jesse. Your body is running dangerously low on electrolytes. Sodium, potassium, calcium. And when they're gone, your brain ceases to communicate with your muscles. Your lungs stop breathing. Your heart stops pumping. You go marching out there and within an hour you will be dead.
Jesse Pinkman: Okay. You need to cut out all your loser cry-baby crap RIGHT NOW and think of something SCIENTIFIC.
Walter H. White: Something scientific? Right.
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