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Quotations from Bonanza

"Bonanza" is an American western television series that ran for 14 seasons from 1959 to 1973, making it the second longest running western series of all-time. The shows title, "Bonanza" refers to a term used by miners meaning a large vein or deposit of ore. The series is sometimes called "Ponderosa", because of the show following the life of the Cartwrights who live on a 600,000-acre piece of land called the Ponderosa.

During the series, "Bonanza" covered many controversial topics, including racism, anti-semitism, and bigotry. The TV show is ranked as one of TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.

Ben Cartwright: One place or another, there'll always be a Mark Burdette, and for every one like him who makes it, a thousand will fail. But then, what are thousand to one odds for a man who looks up into the sky and sees... a bonanza!
Adam Cartwright: Let's go back to the Ponderosa, Pa. This isn't any of our affair.
Ben Cartwright: We can't ignore the rest of the world. We're the only stabilizing influence in the country.
Deputy Sheriff: I'll swear you in. Do you?
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: I do.
Deputy Sheriff: You are.
Ben Cartwright: Feast thine eyes on a sight that approacheth heaven itself.
Adam Cartwright: You been to a lotta places and you've seen a lotta things, Pa, but you never seen or been to heaven.
Ben Cartwright: Well, maybe I never been to heaven... but heaven is gonna have to go some to beat the thousand square miles of the Ponderosa.
Adam Cartwright: As long as it's ours, as long as we keep it in Cartwright hands...
Ben Cartwright: Know anyone that could take it away from us, son?
Ben Cartwright: You and your education.
Adam Cartwright: Education is progress! Now what have you got against it?
Ben Cartwright: I don't have anything against education - as long as it doesn't interfere with your thinking!
Ben Cartwright: Hey, Joe, do you know the difference between a table and an ottoman?
Joseph 'Little Joe' Cartwright: Sure I do.
Ben Cartwright: Then take your feet off the table!
[Hoss rolls his eyes]
Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright: He'll never learn to do that.
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