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Quotations from War Horse

War Horse is a war drama film. After his horse is sold to the cavalry during WWI, young Albert enlists to service as this film follows his journey out of England and across Europe as the war goes on.

War Horse was nominated for six Oscar awards, including Best Picture. Sadly, it had no wins at the Academy Awards. Continue reading for some quotes and more information about War Horse.

Directed by
Steven Spielberg

Starring: Jeremy Irvine, Emily Watson, and David Thewlis

Trailer for War Horse

Quotes from War Horse

Commander: There's something moving.
Soldier: Well, what is it?
Commander: It's a horse they found wandering about in No Man's Land.
Soldier: What kind of a horse?
Commander: A miraculous kind of horse, would be my guess.
Major Jamie Stewart: Gentlemen, it is an honor to ride beside you. Make the Kaiser rue the day he crossed swords with us. Let every man do himself, his King, his country, and his fallen comrades proud. Be brave.
Grandfather: Can you imagine flying over a war and you know you can never look down? You have to look forward, or you'll never get home. What could be braver than that?
Captain Nicholls: I promise you that I'll look after him as closely as you've done, and return him to your care.
Albert: He's my horse, sir.
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