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Quotations from Wall-E

WALL-E is an animated family adventure film about a small robot on Earth whose mission is to clean up mankind's trash. The film follows the life of WALL-E as he cleans up Earth and falls in love with another robot, named EVE. The robots then go into outer space on an adventure that changes robots like them. The robots have human-like qualities and emotions. Directed by Andrew Stanton. Starring the voices of Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin, and Fred Willard.

WALL-E received overwhelmingly positive reviews upon its release and was a huge financial success. The movie won the Osar award for Best Animated Feature Film and was nominated in five additional categories. Continue reading for some quotes from the heartwarming tale of WALL-E.

Wall-E: [sighs and runs over a bug.] AH! Aww... [bug pops up and walks away]
Wall-E: [digging through trash, clicks on something and you hear a car beep]
Wall-E: [digging through trash, picks up a fire-extinguisher] Oh... [extinguisher goes off and pushes Wall-E backwards]
Wall-E: [digging through trash, finds a bra and puts it on his head] Woah..
Human: Arrest that robot!
Captain: We'll see who's powerless now!
MO: M-O.
MO: M-O.
WALL.E: [pause] Oh.
Teacher Robot: A is for Axiom, your home sweet home. B is for Buy N Large, your very best friend.
Captain: AUTO, you are relieved of duty!
[strains up and presses AUTO's "off" switch]
Mary: I didn't know we had a pool!
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