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Quotations from Transporter 3

Transporter 3 is an action adventure crime film about Frank Martin, a professional package transporter, who must deliver the kidnapped daughter of a Ukranian government official. The film follows both of their lives as they head from Marseilles to Odessa and evade thugs who try to take the girl from Martin for their own financial reasons. However, along the way, Martin starts to have feelings for the girl. Directed by Olivier Megaton. Starring Jason Statham, Robert Knepper, and Natalya Rudakova. This is the third installment of the franchise.

Transporter 3 received mixed reviews upon its release. However, the film went on to become the highest grossing movie of the franchise. Anyone who loves Statham will love this film. He's an incredible actor, although his characters are generally all the same. Continue reading for some Transporter 3 quotes.

Frank Martin: Fasten your seatbelt.
Frank Martin: Do I look like a man who came half-way across Europe to die on a bridge?
Valentina: They are going to kill us.
Inspector Tarconi: I'm afraid our day of leisure is cut short. There is a big mess in Marseilles - some madman driving an Audi at impossible speeds.
Frank Martin: Don't look at me.
Inspector Tarconi: That is the first place the chief told me to look. But I will tell him you have the perfect alibi. As usual.
Frank Martin: You don't want to do this.
Mighty Joe: I don't think you're in a position to tell me what to do or don't what to do. You have ten seconds to change your mind.
Frank Martin: I'll give you five seconds to remove your hand.
Valentina: Am I not sexy?
Frank Martin: [uninterested] yeah, you're sexy.
Valentina: [elatedly] You're the gay!
Frank Martin: Nope! I am not "the gay."
Frank Martin: You really should think more positive.
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