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Quotations from Traitor

Traitor is an action crime drama film about Samir Horn, a former U.S. Special Operations officer who is being investigated by FBI agent Roy Clayton for his involvement in an international conspiracy. The film follows the life of Samir Horn as he escapes prison, bombs a U.S. consulate, and becomes part of a group that devises a plot to bomb 50 buses in the United States on Thanksgiving. Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff. Starring Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Jeff Daniels, and Archie Panjabi.

Traitor received slightly positive reviews from critics upon its release. The movie also received slightly positive box office earnings. Nonetheless, the film is a favorite amongst a Cheadle fans. Continue reading for some Traitor quotes.

This is a war. You do what it takes to win.
Samir Horn: I've been in a lot of battles. But we always had a plan.
Omar: You must be willing to sacrafice some of your pawns if you want to win the game.
Samir Horn: Everything alright brother?
Omar: Have faith, and stay close.
Staff Sgt. Samir Horn, US Army Special Forces. Engineering and explosives.
His test scores are off the charts.
The army sent Horn to Pakistan in '86 to train the Afghan Rebels. When his tour was over he stayed behind.
Samir Horn: I'm not coming back. You have to forget about me. Just forget about me.
Omar: Today you struck a great blow. A great blow against the myth of American power.
We should be concentrating on the one suspect we have.
Roy Clayton: It's clear to me that you're not a fanatic. An opportunist perhaps, but not a fanatic. So concider this opportunity which means I can get you out of here. But I do need an answer.
Samir Horn: I don't have anything to say to you.

Carter: That's an encrypted phone you can call me on it safely, nobody can listen in. Not even the FBI?
Samir Horn: Especially the FBI.
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