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Funny Quotations from The Women (1939)

The Women is a 1939 comedy drama film about high society women who struggle for power, lead pampered lives, are bored, and are interconnected through their relationships. The movie follows the lives of several women, especially Mary Haines, as they deal with their lives. The movie begins by Mary finding out about her cheating husband through a gossipping manicurist. When Mary is set to go to Reno to get her divorce, she meets several women who are going to the same place and with the same purpose. After several of the women seemingly switch lovers, Mary leaves to try to get back her ex-husband. Directed by George Cukor. Starring Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell, Paulette Goddard, Joan Fontaine, and many more famous and semi-famous women from the period.

The Women even though this film did not receive any awards, it became a huge favorite for generations of women. The movie is most notable for having only one male image shown throughout the entire film, and it was a bull in a magazine. Continue reading for hilarious The Women quotes.

Peggy Day: Oh I wish I could make a little money writing the way you do!
Nancy Blake: If you wrote the way I do that's just what you'd make.
Sylvia Fowler: Your not a very popular author are you dear?
Nancy Blake: Not with you.
Crystal Allen: It will be out tomorrow Mrs. PROWLER.
Sylvia Fowler: [Turns around and gives her the evils] FOWLER!
Crystal Allen: [Smiling sarcastically] Oh im so sorry...
[Corrects herself]
Crystal Allen: Mrs. Fowler.
Sylvia Fowler: I don't need to sit around and act glum, when I think of what I've sacrificed for Howard Fowler!
Miriam Aarons: Such as what Mrs. Fowler?
Sylvia Fowler: [Looks at Miriam] I gave him my youth!
Nancy Blake: [to Countess DeLave] Chin up.
Miriam Aarons: Right, both of them.
Peggy Day: I wish I could make a little money writing the way you do.
Nancy Blake: If you wrote the way I do, that's just what you'd make.
Sylvia Fowler: What are you, pet?
Nancy Blake: What nature abhors. I am an old maid, a frozen asset.
[Regarding men]
Maggie: You can't trust none of 'em no further than I can kick this lemon pie.
Sylvia Fowler: Oh, you remember the awful things they said about what's-her-name before she jumped out the window? There. You see? I can't even remember her name so who cares?
Crystal Allen: I'm having him dine at my place. It's about time he found out I was a home girl.
Pat: A home girl? Get her? Why don't you borrow the quintuplets for the evening?
Crystal Allen: Because I'm all the baby he wants, pet.
Mary Haines: I'll be doing the cooking so you know what he'll get.
Little Mary Haines: I know - indigestion.
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