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Quotations from The Wolfman

The Wolfman is a 2010 horror drama thriller film about a man who is bitten and mauled by an unknown beast in the Blackmoor woods. Having heard of his brother's disappearance, the man's brother heads to Blackmoor to find out what has happened. The brother finds that the body has been stored in a slaughterhouse. He sees that the body has a medallion around its neck and he believes that the gypsys are the ones who killed the brother. After the townspeople raid and take the gypsys bear, a series of brutal attacks start to occur. Directed by Joe Johnston. Starring Benicio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, and Hugo Weaving. A remake of the film of the same name.

The Wolfman won the Oscar award for Best Makeup. The film was released to mostly negative reviews and was a box office failure, even though it did moderately well, ($140+ million) the film's budget was $150 million, so it lost money. Continue reading for some quotes from

The Wolfman.

Gwen Conliffe: It must be a wonderful luxury doing battle with imaginary demons, Mr. Talbot. Mine right now are very real.
Lawrence Talbot: I'll kill you.
Lawrence Talbot: You should kill yourself.
Sir John Talbot: Oh, I cannot tell you how often I've considered that. But life is far too glorious, Lawrence, especially to the cursed and the damned, like myself.
Lawrence Talbot: Miss Conliffe. I am Lawrence.
Gwen Conliffe: I know who you are.
Lawrence Talbot: I'm sorry we're meeting like this. These were Ben's. He'd want you to have them.
[He hands her a bag, a ring, and a picture of her]
Lawrence Talbot: If there is anything you need, anything at all, please let me know.
Gwen Conliffe: I want to know what happened to him.
Lawrence Talbot: I'll do everything I can.
Gwen Conliffe: Thank you. Thank you for coming.
Lawrence Talbot: Do you believe in curses?
Singh: This house has seen it's fair share of tragedy. Your mother. Your brother. Yes, I believe in curses.
Sir John Talbot: You sure you won't stay one more night?
Gwen Conliffe: My father has lodgings at the inn, and that's more convenient for the train so...
[She turns to Lawrence]
Gwen Conliffe: When do you return to London?
Lawrence Talbot: Not till I find out what happened to my brother.
[Gwen turns and climbs into the carraige. She and Lawrence exchange a brief glance before the driver pulls away]
Sir John Talbot: Lawrence, that's all well and good, but I think your inquiry could wait until tomorrow. The moon is full tonight and I'd prefer that you stay inside in the event that your raving lunatic theory is correct. I don't want to lose you too.
Gwen Conliffe: Lawrence, please let me help you.
Lawrence Talbot: You already have.
Dr. Hoenneger: [Pounding on the door, with the Wolfman coming behind him] Open... open this door!
Custodian: It appears to be locked sir.
Lawrence Talbot: You killed my mother.
Sir John Talbot: Yes, I suppose I did.
Gwen Conliffe: It is said there is no sin in killing a beast, only in killing a man. But where does one begin and the other end.
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