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Quotations from The Visitor

The Visitor is a musical crime drama film about a widowed Connecticut College economics professor who is asked to present a paper at an academic conference at New York University. Once he arrives, he goes to his apartment in Manhatten; however, he discovers that a young unmarried couple is already living there: a Palestinian-Syrian and a Senegalese. He soon discovers that they are actually illegal immigrants who have nowhere to go, so the professor lets them stay and they slowly build a friendship. Directed by Thomas McCarthy. Starring Richard Jenkins, Haaz Sleiman, Danai Gurira, and Hiam Abbass.

The Visitor received many positive reviews upon its release and was a financial success at the box office. The movie went on to be nominated for one Oscar award in the category Best Actor. Continue reading for some quotes from The Visitor.

Mouna Khalil: This feels like Syria.
Ronald Cole: Sir?
Prof. Walter Vale: Yes? Did you find him?
Ronald Cole: He's been removed.
Prof. Walter Vale: Removed to where?
Ronald Cole: Deported.
Prof. Walter Vale: Deported? When?
Ronald Cole: He was deported this morning.
Prof. Walter Vale: How can that be? No, he - Um, sir, is there any way that I could contact him?
Ronald Cole: I don't think so.
Prof. Walter Vale: You don't think so? What kind of an answer is that?
Ronald Cole: I'm sorry, sir. That's all the information that I have. Now, please step away from the window. You can contact I.C.E. if you have any further questions. The number's on the wall. Sir? Step away from the window, please. Sir. For the last time, step away... from the window.
Prof. Walter Vale: [Walks up to the phone number on the wall, walks back to the window] You can't just take people away like that. Do you hear me? He was a good man, a good person. It's not fair! We are not just helpless children! He had a life! Do you hear me? I mean, do YOU hear ME? What's the matter with you?
Prof. Walter Vale: We are not helpless children!
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