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Quotations from The Unborn

The Unborn is a mystery supernatural horror thriller film about a young woman who is tormented by a dybbuk who looks to use her death as a way for it to gain physical presence. The movie follows the life of Casey Beldon as she starts to have hallucinations of strange dogs and an evil child. The only people who can see the child are other children. The ghost keeps wanting to be born. After a series of events, she realizes she has a dybbuk in her soul and must seek help to get it out. Directed by David S. Goyer. Starring Odette Yustman, Gary Oldman, Meagan Good, Cam Gigandet, James Remar, and Jane Alexander.

The Unborn was definitely not a well received movie and continues to be given extremely low marks by reviewers. Nonetheless, the film was a huge financial success. This was probably due to its advertising and storyline about something that is actually unique to Hollywood instead of the usual stuff people put up with. Continue reading for some quotes from The Unborn.

Doctor: One iris is a different color, which happens occasionally when you are dealing with twins.
Casey Beldon: I'm an only child.
Casey Beldon: Am I a twin, dad?
Boy: He wants to be born now.
Old woman: By living you denied it entry into our world.
Casey Beldon: Do you think it's possible to be haunted by someone whose never even been born?
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