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Quotations from The Searchers

The Searchers is a western film set during the Texas-Indian Wars where a middle-aged Civil War veteran and his adopted nephew search out for the veteran's abducted niece. After Ethan Edwards returns home after the Civil War, where he fought for the Confederacy, he returns home to his brother Aaron's house in west Texas. There, he quickly gives away his Mexican revolutionary war medal to his niece and shrugs off his three-year absence after the war had ended. Shortly after, a group of men come and ask for the help of all the men they can get to go after some cattle stolen by the Comanche's. However, Ethan tells his brother to stay behind and take care of the family and he will take his place in the cattle hunt. Sadly, the stolen cattle was simply a ploy by the natives to draw out the men as they attack the men-less families. Ethan's brother is killed along with his brother's wife. The niece is kidnapped. Directed by John Ford. Starring John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter, Vera Miles, Ward Bond, and Natalie Wood.

The Searchers released to critical acclaim and box office success. Nonetheless, the movie did not receive any major awards. However, today the film is considered as one of the best films and greatest westerns ever created. Continue reading for some The Searchers quotes.

Aaron Edwards: Ethan?
Debbie Edwards: Hush, Prince.
Lucy Edwards: That's your Uncle Ethan!
Martha Edwards: [he approaches] Welcome home, Ethan!
2nd Lt. Greenhill: Can't I stay? Please?
Reverend Clayton: Oh, all right. But you watch me, boy! I'm the hardcase you're up against out here, not them childish savages! And if you don't hear my first holler, you better read my mind 'cause I don't aim to raise no two hollers on any subject at hand!
2nd Lt. Greenhill: [salutes with his sabre and nearly decapatates the Reverend] Yes sir!
Reverend Clayton: Boy, watch that knife!
Ethan: A fella could mistake you for a half-breed.
Martin: Not quite, I'm eighth Cherokee, the rest is Welsh and English. Least that's what they tell me.
Laurie Jorgensen: [reading a letter from Martin on his Indian wife] "She wasn't nearly as old as you." How old does he think I am?
Martin: You know, Laurie, I was just thinking that maybe it's about time you and me started going steady, huh?
Laurie Jorgensen: Why, Martin Pawley, you and me been going steady since we was three years old!
Martin: We have?
Laurie Jorgensen: 'Bout time you found out about it.
Ben Edwards: Uncle Ethan, will you tell us about the war?
Ethan: Oh, the war ended three years ago, boy.
Ben Edwards: It has? Then why didn't you come home before now?
Brad: There's only one way you can stop me from looking for Lucy, mister, and that's kill me!
Martin: That's the way I feel, Uncle Ethan
[Edwards glares at him]
Martin: Ethan... Sir.
Ethan: Alright, but I'm giving the orders here. I'm giving the orders and you'll follow 'em, or we're splitting up right here and now!
Martin: Well, sure, Ethan. Just one reason were here, ain't it, is to find Debbie and Lucy?
Ethan: If they're still alive.
Ethan: Put an amen to it!
Reverend Clayton: I ain't finished yet.
Ethan: There's no more time for praying! AMEN!
Martin: Are you crazy?
Laurie Jorgensen: It's too late. She's a woman grown now.
Martin: But I gotta go, Laurie, I gotta fetch her home.
Laurie Jorgensen: Fetch what home? The leavings a Comanche buck sold time and again to the highest bidder, with savage brats of her own?
Martin: Laurie, shut your mouth.
Laurie Jorgensen: Do you know what Ethan will do if he has a chance? He'll put a bullet in her brain.
Laurie Jorgensen: I tell you, Martha would want him to.
Martin: Only if I'm dead.
Ethan: Figure a man's only good for one oath at a time; I took mine to the Confederate States of America.
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