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Quotations from The President's Lady

The President's Lady is a biographical drama film that follows the story of Andrew Jackson throughout his meeting and marriage of his wife. The film was nominated for two Oscar awards for Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design. The movie was made by 20th Century Fox. This was Heston's first take at playing Andrew Jackson, he played the persident once again later in his film career.

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Directed by
Henry Levin

Starring: Susan Hayward, Charlton Heston, and John McIntire

Scene From The President's Lady

Rachel Donaldson Robards Jackson: [to Andrew who is planning to dual with Charles Dickinson the following morning] Andrew, if I'm to be the cause of all your quarrels for the rest of your life, then you give me no choice. I must leave you! I will not let you be killed because of me, nor will I let you take another man's life. I must leave!
Andrew Jackson: You'd leave me now??
Rachel Donaldson Robards Jackson: No! No! Oh Andrew, please, please don't do this! If Mr. Dickinson's bullet kills you, it kills me too! Let him say what he will about me!
Andrew Jackson: No man can say what he will about my wife!! Rachel, I've failed you a great many times and a great many ways and I hope you'll forgive me. But I couldn't expect you to forgive me if I lived without honor!
Rachel Donaldson Robards: Well, how did you get the divorce? What were the grounds? Andrew, what were the grounds?
Andrew Jackson: He accuses you of adultery.
Rachel Donaldson Robards: With whom?
Andrew Jackson: He names me.
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