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Funny Quotations from The House Bunny

The House Bunny is a romantic comedy film about a Playboy bunny that gets kicked out of the mansion, so she joins the sorority group Zeta Alpha Zeta. The film follows the life of Shelley Darlingson and her adventures as the house mother of an unpopular sorority full of clueless girls. The film starts with Shelley, while living in the mansion, receives a note on her 27th birthday stating she is now too old to be a Playboy bunny. Directed by Fred Wolf. Starring Anna Fris, Emma Stone, and Colin Hanks.

The House Bunny is a hilarious movie that saw great financial success at the box office. However, it did not receive good reviews, only Anna Faris did. Continue reading for some funny quotes from The House Bunny.

[from trailer]
Shelley: They're kicking me out?
Kappa: Maybe it's because of you're age.
Shelley: But I'm 27.
Kappa: But that's 59 in Bunny Years.
[from trailer]
Oliver: You given any thought to who you might be voting for?
Shelley: I definitely won't listen to what Simon says, he is just so mean. I usually always agree with Paula and Randy.
Shelley: Oh, you meant the president.
Natalie: How can we be so smart, but everyone thinks we're losers?
Shelley: My name is Shelley and I am here to be your house mother.
[from trailer]
Natalie: This is Harmony.
Shelley: [in a deep voice] Har-Mo-Ny.
Natalie: And then Joan.
Shelley: [in a deep voice] Jo-An.
Natalie: What is that?
Shelley: It's just this thing I do to remember peoples names.
Shelley: [deep voice] Nat-a-lie.
Joan: You are the exorcist, that's great!
Natalie: Shelley that's Kolby. I'm in love with him.
Shelley: That's so sweet. How long have you guys been going out?
Natalie: I've never even talked to him.
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