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Quotations from The Great Ziegfeld

The Great Ziegfeld is a biographical musical drama about a famed producer. The film begins with the producer as a young man named Florenz "Flo" Ziegfeld, Jr. who wants to get in show business. He starts out by getting his show the "world's strongest man" to be the most popular attraction at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. He then runs into a French star, falls in love with her, and has her star in his shows. Flo's big success came by generating marketing buzz by sending milk to the star which garnered interest in the masses. Directed by Robert Z. Leonard. Starring William Powell, Myrna Loy, and Luise Rainer.

The Great Ziegfeld won three Oscar awards, including Best Actress (Rainer) and Best Picture. Even though the film has many inaccuracies, it is still beloved by people around the world and considered one of the greatest movies in history. Continue reading for some quotes from The Great Ziegfeld.

Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.: Gentlemen never argue about gentlemen's gentlemen.
Fanny Brice: If I can give Belasco four dollars for silk stockings made of cotton, I can give Ziegfeld a little more for a mink coat made of skunk.
Little Egypt: Oh, Jack, is Ziegfeld a friend of yours?
Jack Billings: Yes, we've been pals for years, but you wouldn't like him.
Little Egypt: No?
Jack Billings: No, he's up one day and down the next. If he got $10,000 tomorrow, he'd spend it on the girl he happened to like tomorrow night. You wouldn't want to waste your time meeting a felloe like that.
Little Egypt: Oh, not if I met him on the right night.
Anna Held: [on the phone with Ziegfeld after learning of his marriage to Billie Burke] Hello, Flo... Yes. Here's Anna... I'm so happy for you today, I could not help calling you and congratulate you... Wonderful, Flo! Never better in my whole life!... I'm so excited about my new plans! I'm going to Paris... Yes, for a few weeks, and then I can get back, and then I'm doing a new show, and... Oh, it's all so wonderful! I'm so happy!... Yes... And I hope you are happy, too... Yes?... Oh, I'm so glad for you, Flo... Sounds funny for ex-husband and ex-wife to tell how happy they are, oui?... Yes, Flo... Goodbye, Flo... Goodbye...
[She hangs up]
Anna Held: Darling...
[she falls to her bed, sobbing]
Marie: My poor, petite! If you love him so, why did you divorce him?
Anna Held: Because I thought it would bring him back to me. I was sure that it would bring him back to me.
[she cries]
Fanny Brice: Tell Mr Ziegfeld, I'm not in and if I was in, I wouldn't see him and if I did see him, tell him, I wouldn't buy a thing.
Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.: [after catching Ray Bolger doing a little softshoe backstage] Buddy, you're better with your feet than you are with your broom.
Ray Bolger: Mr. Ziegfeld, you think so? Gee, I wish you'd give me a chance. I've got talent, and I'd like to get away from shifting scenery and moving props.
Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.: How long have you been a property boy?
Ray Bolger: Five years, but my heart hasn't been in it.
Ray Bolger: You've been working a long time without your heart, buddy.
Hotel doorman: Do you realize you gave me five pounds?
Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.: Yes, I'm trying to lose weight.
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