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Quotations from The Final Destination

The Final Destination is a horror thriller film about Nick O'Bannon as he has a premonition of the death of people when a Speedway collapses. Nick attempts to persuade as many people as he can about what will happen. Seconds after they leave, it collapses. However, for whatever reason, they were all meant to die. The film follows the other "Destination" movies and slowly kills off each member that was meant to die at the Speedway. No one is left alive. Directed by David R. Ellis. Starring Bobby Campo, Shantel VanSanten, and Stephanie Honore.

The Final Destination received mostly negative reviews upon its release. However, it went on to be the highest grossing "Destination" film of the franchise. Continue reading for some quotes from this fantastic horror film, The Final Destination.

Lori: Janet we have to go!
Janet: No you guys are nuts! I was meant to see this movie!
Nick: We're all gonna' die, there's gonna' be huge crash!
Mechanic's Girlfriend: What? Have you lost your mind?
George Lanter: I've been trying to kill myself all day.
Samantha Lane: I've got my eye on you two.
Hunt Wynorski: That's a lot of Tampons for one woman.
Lori: Janet, come on We have to leave right now.
Janet: No. No, I can't keep doing this, okay? You're both nuts.
Janet: Janet, we gotta go. Come on.
Janet: No. Don't you see? This is where I was supposed to be in the first place, not that stupid race. I was meant to see this movie.
Lori: I have my cowboy right here.
Janet: Get a room, guys.
Pit Crewmember: Go! Go! Go!
[Car 45 drives away, with a screwdriver still attached]
Pit Crewmember: No, I meant "Wait"!
Janet: I was meant, to see, this movie!
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