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Quotations from Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys

Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys is a drama film that follows the lives of two families, one wealthy and the other working class, whose lives intertwine through business and love. The movie follows the two families through marriage, separation, cheating, money problems, and more. Directed by Tyler Perry. Starring Tyler Perry, Taraji P. Henson, Kathy Bates, and Alfre Woodard.

Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys received mixed reviews upon its release. Continue reading for some quotes from the film Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys.

A quote from The Family That Preys
A movie line from The Family That Preys

Pam: I am tired of her looking down her nose at us. Like we didn't live in the same neighborhood.
Alice Pratt: This is your sister. When ya'll gonna start actin' like it.
William: What are your plans after graduation?
Andrea: Looking for a job, I guess.
William: Give me a call. I'm sure we can find a position for you.
Andrea: Okay.
Charlotte Cartwright: William, meet Miss Abigail Dexter. She thinks she can take this company global.
William: I thought you were considering me for that position.
Charlotte Cartwright: Why on Earth would you think that?
William: Because I'm your son.
William: You don't trust me?
Charlotte Cartwright: It's not you I don't trust, darling. It's your private thoughts that give me pause.
Andrea: You better watch your step.
Abigail: It is sisters like you that give us all a bad name.
Charlotte Cartwright: I want us to drive across country, like Oprah and Gail.
Chris: You were pretty close to him right?
Andrea: Not that close.
Chris: I was wondering if I could get a meeting with him that's all.
Andrea: Don't be stupid. This man is not interested in helping you. He's a multi-millionaire.
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