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Quotations from The Faculty

The Faculty is a mystery horror science-fiction film about a group of students who suspect that their teachers might be parents after some strange happenings. The film follows the lives of Zeke Tyler, a loner who sells illegal substances; Stan Rosado, a former jock who quit football to study; Delilah Profitt, the editor in chief of the school newspaper; Casey Connor, a photographer for the paper; Stokes Mitchell, a goth and literary buff; and Marybeth Louise Hutchinson, the new girl whose parents died in a car crash. Directed by Robert Rodriguez. Starring Josh Hartnett, Shawn Hatosy, Jordana Brewster, Elijah Wood, Clea DuVall, and Laura Harris.

The Faculty has received mixed to positive reviews. The film, however, was a financial success. Today, the movie is considered as one of the best horror flicks of all-time. Continue reading for some quotes from The Faculty.

Coach Willis: You got to pick up the line. God damn it! Get off the fucking field you limp ass blow jobs!
Stan: Aliens have taken over the fucking school!
Coach Willis: You're not much into sports.
Casey: I don't think that a person should run unless he's being chased.
Coach Willis: "Being chased." I like that.
Casey: God, you can be such a...
Delilah: What?
Casey: Pretty cool human being when you're not being a first class grade A bitch.
Delilah: Are you hitting on me Casey?
Casey: No. No, I just think that you can be cool. Sometimes. This not being one of them.
Zeke: This is where I get my equipment.
Marybeth: You borrow it from science labs?
Zeke: I like to think of it as stealing actually.
[Stokely kisses Stan]
Stokely: I just don't want to never have done that.
Stan: You think aliens have infested our school?
Delilah: That would explain their weird behavior, wouldn't it?
Stan: Give me a fucking break.
Nurse Harper: I'm saving my sick-days till when I'm feeling better.
Stan: Is this gonna be on the test?
Mr. Frank Connor: This is the test.
Casey: [after being told to sniff scat] Why me first?
Zeke: It's your birthright man, just fucking take it.
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