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Quotations from The Changeling

The Changeling is a Canadian horror thriller about a man who is haunted by a spectre. The screenplay begins with Scott being introduced as a composer who lives in New York City, but is moving after the death of his wife and daughter. He finds an old Victorian-era mansion and decides to rent it. However, soon he finds himself haunted by the ghost of a murdered child. Directed by Peter Medak. Starring George C. Scott, Trish VanDevere, Melvyn Douglas, and Helen Burns. Based on true events.

The Changeling is considered as one of the scariest movies ever created and is loved by many horror and thriller fanatics. Continue reading for some quotes from The Changeling.

John Russell: You goddamn son of a bitch.
John Russell: What do you want from me? I've done everything I could do.
De Witt: I understand you lost your wife and daughter a little while ago. Maybe it shook you up. Maybe too much... *Maybe*, you need help.
John Russell: I'd like you to leave now...
De Witt: [making his threat a bit more clear] We can see that you get it... do you understand what I'm saying?
John Russell: [points to the door] Out! Now!
De Witt: [pressing] Listen to me, Russell! You've got something of the Senator's... he wants it back. It's a little gold medal, a family heirloom, he lost it. He thinks *you've* got it.
John Russell: It's my understanding... that there are, uh... twenty-three students registered... for this series of lectures on advanced musical form. Now, we all know it's not raining outside, and unless there's a fire in some other part of the building that we don't know about, there's an awful lot of people here with nothing better to do.
Minnie Huxley: That house is not fit to live in. No one's been able to live in it. It doesn't want people.
John Russell: [to Senator Carmichael] You're the beneficiary of the worst kind of murder... murder for profit!
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