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Quotations from Star Trek

Star Trek is an action adventure science-fiction film that explores how the USS Enterprise started along with it's crew through an alternative universe where both Spock's exist. It follows the life of James T. Kirk as he tries to live up to his father's legacy while Spock keeps him on track. Furthermore, the plot includes a time-traveling Romulan ship that is attempting to destroy Federation planets one at a time. Directed by J.J. Abrams. Starring Chris Prime, Leonard Nimoy, Zachary Quinto, and Eric Bana.

Star Trek received many positive reviews from critics upon its release. The film went on to have great financial success and critical acclaim by winning the Oscar award for Best Achievement in Makeup and being nominated in three other categories. Continue reading for more quotes from Star Trek.

Spock: [sits in the cockpit of his future self's ship] Fascinating!
Spock: Space... the final frontier.
Spock: Live long, and Prosper.
Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.
Nero: Fire everything!
Kirk: Are you afraid or aren't you?
Spock: I will not allow you to lecture me.
Kirk: Then why don't you stop me?
Christopher Pike: Your father was captain of a starship for twelve minutes. He saved 800 lives, including yours. I dare you to do better. Enlist in Starfleet.
Nero: I've been waiting for this day my whole life... This day of reckoning.
Christopher Pike: [to Kirk] You've always had a hard time finding your place in this world, haven't you? Never knowing your true worth. You can settle for less in ordinary life, or do you feel like you were meant for something better? Something special.
Cop: What is your name?
Young Kirk: My name is James Tiberius Kirk!
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