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Quotations from The St. Valentine's Day Massacre

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre is a historical crime drama gangster film based on the prohibition-era 1929 mass murder of seven members of the Northside gang. The storyline shows that on February 14, 1929 Al Capone establishes himself as Chicago's boss of organized crime by killed key members of George "Bugs" Moran's rival gang. While the fight was going on, Capone was in Florida as his alibi. Directed by Roger Corman. Starring Jason Robards, George Segal, and Ralph Meeker. Jack Nicholson also makes an early appearance in film as Gino, a hitman, in a minor role.

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre isn't completely accurate, although there are some historical facts throughout the film. Most of the inaccuracies are about names, but also the timeline is incorrect. Nonetheless, it is fairly accurate for a Hollywood movie. Continue reading for some quotes from The St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

Adam Heyer: Hello, boys. Something I can do for you?
Gangster dressed as a cop: Yes, you can shut up!
Bartender: [nervously] If you don't like the beer, mister, you don't have to pay for it.
Peter Gusenberg: Well now, ain't you the cat's pajamas!
Reporter: Y'know some are sayin' that it really was the cops who shot those men.
Bugs Moran: You must be new to this town, mister. Only Al Capone kills like that.
Interrogator: [to Frank Gusenberg after the shooting] I've got to tell you Frank, you're not going to make it. Want me to call a preacher?
Al Capone: Wanna know something Jack? I like a guy who can use his head for something beside a hatrack!
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