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Quotations from Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road is a romantic drama about a young couple and their struggles as they live their lives. The story follows the lives of Frank and April as they meet, get married, have children, become bored with their work, and hope to move. Of course, things aren't that simple. The couple has other problems. Once they are about to move, April becomes pregnant and Frank is considered for a promotion. Match this with April thinking about abortion and Frank having an affair, things aren't all roses like their friends and neighbors believe. Directed by Sam Mendes. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Kathy Bates, and Michael Shannon.

Revolutionary Road was nominated for three Oscar awards, including Best Performance of an Actor in a Supporting Role (Michael Shannon). The movie was both a critical and a commercial success. Read on for some quotes from Revolutionary Road.

John Givings: Hopeless emptiness. Now you've said it. Plenty of people are onto the emptiness, but it takes real guts to see the hopelessness.
John Givings: I'm glad I'm not gonna be that kid.
Frank Wheeler: How do I know you didn't try to flush our entire fucking family down the toilet?
April Wheeler: I saw a whole other future. I can't stop seeing it.
John Givings: You want to play house you got to have a job. You want to play nice house, very sweet house, you got to have a job you don't like.
April Wheeler: Frank Wheeler, I think you're the most interesting person I've ever met.
April Wheeler: Tell me the truth frank remember that? We used to live by it. And you know what's so good about the truth? Everyone knows what it is however long they've lived without it. No one forgets the truth frank they just get better at lying.
Frank Wheeler: Well I support you, don't I? I work ten hours a day at a job I can't stand!
April Wheeler: You don't have to!
Frank Wheeler: But I have the backbone not to run away from my responsibilities!
April Wheeler: It takes backbone to lead the life you want, Frank.
April Wheeler: Won't you miss the city?
Frank Wheeler: Nothing's permanent, right?
April Wheeler: Right.
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