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Quotations from Quarantine

Quarantine is a science-fiction horror thriller film about a television reporter and her cameraman as they get trapped inside a quarantined buuilding after an outbreak of a mysterious disease that is turning humans into killers. Directed by John Erick Dowdle. Starring Jennifer Carpenter, Steve Harris, and Columbus Short. The movie is shot using the "found footage" style. Based on the Spanish horor film [Rec]

Quarantine received only slightly positive reviews. However, it did receive great financial success in theaters upon release. It is said to be one of the best zombie films of the 2000s. Read some quotes from Quarantine below.

Angela Vidal: Hi. I'm Angela Vidal. We're in Los Angeles traveling along with the fire department.
Angela Vidal: Police are here, it might be a little more serious than we thought.
Angela Vidal: Fire department is about to begin the rescue process. Police say she lives alone, she's not very sociable [Firefighter slams axe, Angela screams].
Angela Vidal: Tape everything you hear me? Tape everything!
Officer on radio: Officer down. We have an officer down. I need an ambulance immediately.
CDC over speaker: Do not try to leave the building. This will all be over shortly.
Jake: So, let's just pretend you're five years old and on fire.
Yuri Ivanov: They won't let us out.
Griffin: [camera is on him in the shower] You know, I hope that's a wide-angle lens.
Angela Vidal: [after witnessing Bernard be killed by a CDC Sniper] Scott... They're not gonna let us out of here alive, are they?
Scott Percival: No... I don't think so.
Scott Percival: The door closed behind me.
Angela Vidal: Did you get that?
Scott Percival: Yeah.
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