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Quotations from Push

Push is a science-fiction action thriller superhero film about two young American superheroes trying to find a girl in Hong Kong before a government organization does. The film follows the life of Nick and Cassie as they gather a group of people together to try and take down an agency that is using a drug to enhance their powers and create an army of super soldiers. Directed by Paul McGuigan. Starring Camilla Belle, Chris Evans, Cliff Curtis, and Dakota Fanning.

Push was poorly received by critics upon its release. As well, it saw only minor success in the box office. However, DC Comics ran a comic book mini-series based on the film that acts as a prequel. As well, a television show is said to be in the works. Read quotes from the film Push below.

Cassie Holmes: Right now our future isn't that great.
Henry Carver: With her we are going to create an army the world has never seen before.
Cassie Holmes: I haven't even gotten to the bad part yet. We die.
Nick: You say the future is always changing, right?
Cassie Holmes: What are you going to go do?
Nick: Try to make a better one.
Cassie Holmes: Sounds like a plan. But what about the part where we die?
Cassie Holmes: They're here.
Nick: Not part of the plan.
Nick: Run Cassie!
Henry Carver: You all die. You know who doesn't? Me.
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