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Quotations from Pride and Glory

Pride and Glory is a thriller crime-drama film about a multigenerational police family. The movie follows the life of the family as they investigat a police-gang fight when four officers were killed. While investigating, one of the men finds out some information he might not have wanted to know and forces him to choose between family, work, and the city. Directed by Gavin O'Connor. Starring Colin Farrell, Edward Norton, Jon Voight, and Noah Emmerich.

Pride and Glory received negative reviews upon release. The film, however, did make money at the box office. However, it was likely due mostly to the star power of the movie. Nonetheless, it is still highly regarded amongst some communities. Read on for some quotes from Pride and Glory.

[from trailer]
Francis Tierney Sr: Now, the men that were killed were under your brother's command. The neighborhood is up and down, yes?
Ray Tierney: Yeah. I worked those streets pop. So what?
Francis Tierney Sr: You want me to spell it out for you, Raymond? Find who killed our guys.
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Ray Tierney: I've done your kind of loyalty, pop, and it's cost me too much. Francis Tierney Sr: What did it cost you, Ray?
Ray Tierney: It cost me everything!
Francis Tierney, Jr.: What are you gonna do, Ray?
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A Reporter: Be smart. They were protecting their own, and they were burying the truth.
Ray Tierney: Don't talk to me about the truth. You got no idea what it takes to do what we do.
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Ray Tierney: What do you think is going to happen here? Do you think we're going to go in the basement with papa and smooth things over?
Jimmy Egan: All you've gotta do is say what needs to be said. End of story.
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Jimmy Egan: Becoming a cop, the pledge we took to uphold something honest. We let it all rot from under us. I was a good man once.
[from trailer]
Jimmy Egan: I love you, Ray.
[from trailer]
Dispatcher: We've got four cops down: two dead, two likely.
[from trailer]
Francis Tierney Sr: Four cops died here, Raymond. There's no blaming this; there's not a damn thing any one of us could have done.
[from trailer]
A reporter: I'm writing a story. Hero detective captures killer.
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