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Quotations from Once Upon A Time in the West

Once Upon A Time in the West is an Italian epic spaghetti western adventure film surrounds the struggle for a piece of land that contains the region's only water source. Directed by Sergio Leone. Starring Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson, Jason Robards, and Claudia Cardinale.

Once Upon A Time in the West is preserved in the National Film Register for being "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant." Read some quotes from the masterpiece and one of the best western films below.

Morton: Not bad. Congratulations. Tell me, was it necessary that you kill all of them? I only told you to scare them.
Frank: People scare better when they're dying.
Harmonica: The reward for this man is 5000 dollars, is that right?
Cheyenne: Judas was content for 4970 dollars less.
Harmonica: There were no dollars in them days.
Cheyenne: But sons of bitches... yeah.
Cheyenne: Harmonica, a town built around a railroad.
Cheyenne: You could make a fortune. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hey, more than that. Thousands of thousands.
Harmonica: They call them "millions."
Cheyenne: "Millions." Hmm.
Jill: What's he waiting for out there? What's he doing?
Cheyenne: He's whittlin' on a piece of wood. I've got a feeling when he stops whittlin'... Somethin's gonna happen.
Jill: But... but those were his men.
Harmonica: Yeah.
Jill: And they tried to kill him.
Harmonica: They must've found someone who pays better.
Jill: And you... You saved his life!
Harmonica: I didn't let them kill him, and that's not the same thing.
Morton: There are many things you'll never understand.
[Frank draws on Morton as he pulls out money to show him]
Morton: This is one of them. You see, Frank, there are many kinds of weapons. And the only one that can stop that is this.
[Morton's train stops as Frank's men ride up to it]
Morton: Now, shall we get back to our little problem?
Frank: My weapons might look simple to you, Mr. Morton, but they can still shoot holes big enough for our little problems.
[Frank and his gang are standing in front of Timmy McBain, after killing the other family members]
Gang member: What are we going to do with this one, Frank?
Frank: Now that you've called me by name?
Frank: What do you want? Who are you?
Harmonica: Dave Jenkins.
Frank: Dave Jenkins is dead a long time ago.
Harmonica: Calder Benson.
Frank: What's your name? Benson's dead, too.
Harmonica: You should know, Frank, better than anyone. You killed them.
Frank: Who are you?
Harmonica: Jim Cooper, Chuck Youngblood.
Frank: More dead men.
Harmonica: They were all alive until they met you, Frank.
Cheyenne: Hey, Harmonica - when they do you in, pray it's somebody who knows *where* to shoot... Go away... go away... go away, I don't want you to see me die.
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