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Quotations from Once Upon a Time in America

Once Upon a Time in America is an Italian crime drama about the lives ghetto Jewish youths who come into prominence in New York City's organized crime scene over a period of 30 years. The film explores love, lust, greed, friendships, and mobsters. Directed by Sergio Leone. Starring Robert De Niro, James Woods, Joe Pesci, Elizabeth McGovern, Burt Young, Tuesday Weld, and Treat Williams. Based on "The Hoods" by Harry Grey.

Once Upon a Time in America is seen as one of the greatest mob films of all-time. Read some quotes from Once Upon a Time in America below.

Noodles: It's true I have killed people, Mr. Bailey. Sometimes to defend myself, sometimes for money. And many people used to come to us. Business partners, rivals, lovers. Some of the jobs we took, and some we didn't. Yours is one we would never touch, Mr Bailey.
Max: Is this your idea of revenge?
Noodles: No. It's just the way I see things.
Max: I'm not interested in friends from those places, and I don't trust politicians!
Max: You're still acting like a street schmuck! You know, if we'd listened to you, we'd still be rolling out drunks for a living!
Max: We're going, you coming?
Police Chief Aiello: I'm the chief of police, not the chief of the people.
Bercovicz & Co. hearse: Why go on living when we can bury you for $49.50?
Max: You'll be carrying the stink of the streets with you for the rest of your life!
Noodles: I like the stink of the streets. It makes me feel good. And I like the smell of it, it opens up my lungs. And it gives me a hard-on.
Patrick 'Patsy' Goldberg: Hey, Noodles, get a load of this... Hey, scotch heating!
Philip 'Cockeye' Stein: Yeah, a buck a cup.
Noodles: A buck a cup?
Max: Yeah!
Noodles: How much's it cost us?
Max: Costing us? A dime, including overhead!
Dominic: Bugsy's coming! Run!
Frankie Minaldi: [introducing the gang to Joe] Here they are, "The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse"! Did you happen to see that movie, Joe? It's a good movie.
Secretary Bailey: [checking his pocket watch] It's 10:25. And I've got nothing left to lose. When you've been betrayed by a friend, you hit back. Do it.
[Noodles is still and silent for a long time]
Noodles: You see, Mr Secretary... I have a story also, a little simpler than yours. Many years ago, I had a friend, a dear friend. I turned him in to save his life, but he was killed. But he wanted it that way. It was a great friendship. But it went bad for him, and it went bad for me too. Good night, Mr Bailey.
[He looks at the man in front of him for the last time]
Noodles: I hope the investigation turns out to be nothing. It'd be a shame to see a lifetime of work go to waste.
[He leaves, with Max looking after him with remorse and sorrow]
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