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Quotations from Obsessed

Obsessed is a drama thriller film about a woman who falls in love with her boss and tries to seduce him, all while his wife suspects an affair. Directed by Steve Shill. Starring Beyonce Knowles, Idris Elba, and Ali Larter.

Obsessed received mostly negative reviews, but had great financial success. The reason why the film was reviewed poorly was due to the authors suggesting the movie could have shown much more towards an interracial conflict. I'm not sure that would have been wise or not but whatever. Read some quotes from this financial successful movie below.

Derek Charles: [from trailer] You need help.
Lisa Sheridan: [from trailer] I know. Help me, Derek. Sharon Charles: [from trailer] I knew it would come to this.
Sharon Charles: [from trailer]
[about Lisa]
Sharon Charles: She was naked in your hotel room?
Lisa Sheridan: [from trailer] You said you wish we could be together.
Sharon Charles: You better do something about this woman, or I will!
Sharon Charles: [from trailer] I'ma show you crazy!
Lisa Sheridan: [from trailer] I was having to pretend that I was concentrating on work when all I could think about was...
Derek Charles: [from trailer] Lisa! There is nothing going on between us.
Sharon Charles: I'll wipe the floor with your little skinny ass.
Sharon Charles: Get out of my house!
Derek Charles: This is crazy, Sharon. Can't you see what's happening?
Sharon Charles: Get out of my house.
Derek Charles: Nothing happened with this...
Derek Charles: Alright, you just tell me whatever you want me to do, and that's what I'll do.
Sharon Charles: Well, first, I suggest you pack your toothbrush. And then I want you to get your shaving kit, your underwear, your prophylactics if you think you need them and get your ass out!
Derek Charles: And go where, Sharon?
Sharon Charles: To hell! But, until then, I suggest maybe the four seasons.
Sharon Charles: Did you not get my message?
Lisa Sheridan: I'm so sorry. We didn't want you to find out this way.
Sharon Charles: I knew it would come to this.
Lisa Sheridan: I know how hard it must be to have someone fall out of love with you. I know.
Sharon Charles: You are completely delusional. I'm gonna have the cops deal with your crazy ass.
Lisa Sheridan: Wait, it doesn't...
Sharon Charles: Don't touch me.
Lisa Sheridan: We can talk...
Sharon Charles: [furious] I told you, don't touch ME!
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