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Quotations from Notorious

Notorious is a biographical-drama musical film about the rapper Notorious B.I.G. from Brooklyn. The film follows the life of Christopher Wallace as he goes from an anonymous rapper to a superstar rapper. The movie also goes through the story of his death. Directed by George Tillman, Jr. Starring Jamal Woolard, Anthony Mackie, and Derek Luke.

Notorious is a film for B.I.G. fans and those who followed the story of his death. It's a thrilling story that includes much of his music and life story. Read some quotes from the film Notorious below.

Sean Combs: Yo, he got sex appeal like LL?
Wayne Barrow: A little bigger than that.
Sean Combs: What, like Heavy D?
Wayne Barrow: He's a little darker than that.
Wayne Barrow: He look like Wesley Snipes?
Wayne Barrow: Oh, he ain't Wesley...
Lil Kim: Whatever you say, Big Poppa.
Voletta Wallace: What kind of grown-ass man calls himself "Puffy?"
Faith Evans: Are you a bad guy trying to be good, or a good guy trying to be bad?
Notorious B.I.G.: [smiling] I'm just a guy trying to make you laugh.
Notorious B.I.G.: Mr. Webber? Yesterday you said I was gonna end up a garbageman.
Mr. Webber: That's right. If you keep cutting class, that's exactly what you'll become.
Notorious B.I.G.: Well, I found out a teacher makes 24,000 a year, and a garbageman makes 28,000 a year. I'm gonna make $4,000 more than his dumb ass.
Notorious B.I.G.: What's up, Big Mama?
Lil Kim: What did you just call me?
Notorious B.I.G.: Big Mama. You looking damn good. How was work today?
Lil Kim: Everyday you ask me how I'm doing. What's that about?
Notorious B.I.G.: [Smiling] It's cause I care. You know what I'm saying?
Lil Kim: Yeah, right. Whatever you say, Big Poppa.
Notorious B.I.G.: [laughing] You know, you got a smart-ass mouth! Lil Kim: What, you gonna do something about it?
[pauses, and stares B.I.G down]
Lil Kim: Nah, I didn't think so.
[Smiles and walks away]
Voletta Wallace: Is this why you think I came to the States? So I can spend all my days, taking care of you, feeding you, cleaning up old plates of mash potatoes you leave under your bed?
Notorious B.I.G.: Huh?
[runs to his bedroom to find the crack he left under his bed]
Notorious B.I.G.: Keep the suspenders; lose the shirt.
Notorious B.I.G.: If you throw me out to the jungle, Ah'd hear them muthafuckas dancin.'
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