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Funny Quotations for Nobel Son

Nobel Son is a comedy-drama crime film that follows a family in which the father wins a Nobel Prize for Chemistry and his son is kidnapped. The film is full of lust, laughs, and betrayal.

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Directed by
Randall Miller

Starring: Alan Rickman, Bryan Greenberg, and Shawn Hatosy

Barkley Michaelson: Dad, listen to me OK? I'm being held hostage by a very burtal man. Eli Michaelson: Oh, bull!

Eli Michaelson: First, you lose my money which is suppose to lead us to Barkley and then there's no word from Barkley.

City Hall: Crazy's just a choice, Barkley.

Eli Michaelson: If anyone in this room ever doubted my intellectual superiority, you may now formally kiss my fine white ass.
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