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Funny Quotations from My Best Friend's Girl

My Best Friend's Girl is a romantic comedy film about a a man who hires his best friend to take his ex-girlfriend out on a date, in hopes of her realizing how great of a man he is. Directed by Howard Deutch. Starring Kate Hudson, Dane Cook, Jason Biggs, with also Diora Baird, Alec Baldwin, and Lizzy Caplan.

My Best Friend's Girl received horrible initial reviews, but it still went on to make quite a bit of money. However, it is billed as being quite offensive and vulgar, so watch out! Of course, with Dane Cook and Jason Biggs in the starring roles, that should be expected. Read some of the more humorous quotes from the film My Best Friend's Girl below.

Dustin: Seriously though, I just love watching you... do anything. I love it. I love you, Alexis. I love you.
Alexis: Its been five weeks!
Dustin: Then lets move in together. [pause]
Tank: She's oing to cry tears that form call Dusty.
Dustin: OK, that was weird.
Tank: [Running to catch up to Alexis, then falls]
Alexis: Hey, I'm Alexis.
Tank: Here we go.
Alexis: Ahhhhhh! I lost my virginity to this song!
[At strip club]
Alexis: Where do they learn how to do this?
Tank: I taught them a few things.
Alexis: About the other night, it just made me realize guys like you are so rare.
Dustin: [smiles]
Alexis: But it also made me realize how few guys I've dated.
Dustin: [on the phone] You've failed Tank! She wants to see other people.
Tank: [to Alexis] You're not attractive! There, I said it.
Alexis: You sure it's just not a size thing?
Tank: What really sucks is having an ass the size of a [gets slapped]
Alexis: You think [puts Tanks hand on her ass] that's too big? [kisses Tank]
Alexis: My sister is getting married. I'm seeing somebody, so I asked him to come to the wedding.
Dustin: She's seeing someone and I'm going to find out who.
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