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Quotations from Mutiny on the Bounty

Mutiny on the Bounty is a historical adventure-drama about a man who leads a revolt on the HMS Bounty against its Captain. Of course, one year later, the Captain returns. Directed by Frank Lloyd. Starring Clark Gable, Charles Laughton, Franchot Tone, Movita, and Mamo. Based on the novel "Mutiny on the Bounty" by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall.

Mutiny on the Bounty is considered the best cinematic interpretation of what happened on the Bounty, even though it has many historical inaccuracies since it was based on the novel. Read some quotes from Mutiny on the Bounty below.

Lt. Fletcher Christian: He doesn't punish men for discipline. He likes to see men crawl.
Captain William Bligh: Can you understand this, Mr. Byam? Discipline is the thing. A seaman's a seaman. A captain's a captain. And a midshipman, Sir Joseph or no Sir Joseph, is the lowest form of animal life in the British Navy.
Lt. Fletcher Christian: When you're back in England with the fleet again, you'll hear the hue and cry against me. From now on they'll spell mutiny with my name.
Captain William Bligh: During the recent heavy weather, I've had the opportunity to watch all of you at work on deck and aloft. You don't know wood from canvas! And it seems you don't want to learn! Well, I'll have to give you a lesson.
Byam: Captain Bligh, you've told your story of mutiny on the Bounty, how men plotted against you, seized your ship, cast you adrift in an open boat, a great venture in science brought to nothing, two British ships lost. But there's another story, Captain Bligh, of ten cocoanuts and two cheeses. A story of a man who robbed his seamen, cursed them, flogged them, not to punish but to break their spirit. A story of greed and tyranny, and of anger against it, of what it cost.
Captain William Bligh: What's your name?
Seaman Thomas Ellison: Thomas Ellison, sir. Pressed into service. I've got a wife, a baby!
Captain William Bligh: I asked your name, not the history of your misfortunes.
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