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Quotations from Magnolia

Magnolia is a drama film about a group of interrelated characters who try to find happiness, forgiveness, and meaning to their lives in the San Fernando Valley. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Starring Tom Cruise, Philip Baker Hall, Philip Seymour Hoffman, William H. Macy, Jullianne Moore, John C. Reilley, and Jason Robards. The movie is narrated by Ricky Jay.

Magnolia received huge critical success and Tom Cruise was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars. Read some quotes from the movie below.

Phil Parma: When was the last time you talked to your son?
Earl Partridge: ...I don't know. Ten, maybe... five... *moans*... that's another thing that goes...
Phil Parma: Your memory?
Earl Partridge: Time lines, you know? I remember things, but not... right there, you know?
Phil Parma: Yeah.
Earl Partridge: 'Yeah.' The fuck do you know?
Phil Parma: I've seen it before.
Earl Partridge: Yeah, other assholes like me.
Phil Parma: Oh, there's no asshole like you.
Earl Partridge: What did I do? What did I do? What did I do? Phil, help me, what did I do?
Quiz Kid Donnie Smith: You look like you have money in your pocket.
Thurston Howell: Maybe I'm just happy to see my friend Brad there.
Quiz Kid Donnie Smith: Just throw some money around. Money, money, money.
Thurston Howell: This sounds threatening.
Phil Parma: [making an order over the phone] I'd like to get an order of peanut butter, umm, uh, cigarettes, Camel Light, uhh, water...
Pink Dot Girl: Bottled water?
Phil Parma: No. You know what, forget the water. Just give me a loaf of bread. White bread.
Pink Dot Girl: Okay.
Rick Spector: Let's make some fuckin' money, folks.
Burt Ramsey: You smell like trouble.
Jimmy Gator: I'm fucking hammered, Burt.
Stanley Spector: This isn't funny. This isn't cute. See the way we're looked at? Because I'm not a toy. I'm not a doll. The way we're looked at because you think we're cute? Because, what? I'm made to feel like a freak if I answer questions? Or I'm smart? Or I have to go to the bathroom? What is that, Jimmy? What is that? I'm asking you that.
Jimmy Gator: I'm not sure, Stanley.
Earl Partridge: I loved her so. She knew what I did. She knew all the fucking stupid things I'd done. But the love... was stronger than anything you can think of. God damn regret!
Jim Kurring: The law is the law, and heck if I'm gonna break it. But if you can forgive someone... Well, that's the tough part. What can we forgive?
Jim Kurring: Now, some neighbors claimed they heard screaming and a loud crash.
Marcie: I don't even know no loud crash.
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