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Quotations from Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia is a British biography action-drama epic film about Lawrence's experience in Arabia during World War I and his involvement in the Arab National Council. The movie dives into the emotional struggles and inherent violence of war. This film is considered one of the most influential and greatest films in cinema history. Directed by David Lean. Starring Peter O'Toole, Alec Guiness, and Anthony Quinn.

Lawrence of Arabia is a fantastic movie that won seven Oscar awards, including Best Director, Best Picture, and Best Music. Read some quotes from this historical film below.

Vicar at St. Paul's: Well nil nisi bonum. But I find something... disproportionate in all this.
Colonel Brighton: He was a remarkable chap. By any counts, remarkable.
Vicar at St. Paul's: Did you know him well?
Colonel Brighton: I knew him.
Club Secretary: I say, Lawrence. You are a clown!
T.E. Lawrence: We can't all be lion tamers.
General Murray: I can't make out whether you're bloody bad-mannered or just half-witted.
T.E. Lawrence: I have the same problem, sir.
T.E. Lawrence: Do you think I'm just anybody, Ali? Do you?
Sherif Ali: What is your name?
T.E. Lawrence: My name is for my friends. None of my friends is a murderer!
[asked by reporter if he knew Lawrence]
Jackson Bentley: Yes, it was my privilege to know him and to make him known to the world. He was a poet, a scholar and a mighty warrior. [after reporter leaves]
Jackson Bentley: He was also the most shameless exhibitionist since Barnum & Bailey.
T.E. Lawrence: Michael George Hartley, this is a nasty, dark little room.
Hartley: That's right.
T.E. Lawrence: We are not happy in it.
Hartley: It's better than a nasty, dark little trench.
T.E. Lawrence: Then you're an ignoble fellow.
Hartley: That's right.
Jackson Bentley: What attracts you personally to the desert?
T.E. Lawrence: It's clean.
T.E. Lawrence: The best of them won't come for money; they'll come for me.
Driver: Well, sir, going home!
T.E. Lawrence: Mm?
[realizes that he has been addressed]
Driver: Home, sir!
[an army lorry passes. It carries Tommies singing a music hall ditty of the period: "Goodbye Dolly, I must leave you..."]
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