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Funny Quotations from It Happened One Night

It Happened One Night is a romantic comedy that follows the life of a socialite who falls in love with a reporter. The film takes place over a period of several nights in which the socialite meets the reporter and falls in love with him while trying to get out from underneith her father. Directed by Frank Capra. Starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. This film won the Oscar awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Screenplay.

It Happened One Night is a classic romance movie based on the short story "Night Bus" by Samuel Hopkins Adams. Read some quotes from this fantastic film below.

Joe Gordon: That's the way things go: you think you got a great yarn, and something comes along and messes up the finish - and there you are.
Alexander Andrews: You're a sucker to go through with this. That guy Warne is OK. He didn't want the reward. All he asked for was $39.60, what he spent on you. Said it was a matter of principle. You took him for a ride. He loves you, Ellie. He told me so. You don't want to be married to a mug like Westley; I can buy him off for a pot of gold. And you can make an old man happy and you won't do so bad for yourself. If you change your mind, your car's waiting back at the gate.
Ellie Andrews: How did you get the car?
Peter Warne: I gave him a black eye for it. And had to tie him to a tree.
Peter Warne: All right, come on. Your bed's all ready.
Ellie Andrews: I'll get my clothes all wrinkled.
Peter Warne: Well, then take 'em off.
Ellie Andrews: What?
Peter Warne: All right, don't take 'em off. Do whatever you please, but shut up about it!
Oscar Shapeley: What's a matter sister? You ain't sayin' much.
Ellie Andrews: It seems to me you're doing excellently without any assistance.
Peter Warne: I want to see what love looks like when it's triumphant. I haven't had a good laugh in a week.
Ellie Andrews: What is it that we're supposed to be doing again?
Peter Warne: Hitch hiking.
Ellie Andrews: Well you've shown me an excellent example of the hiking part. When does the hitching come in?
Ellie Andrews: Outside of the fact that you don't like him you haven't got a thing against King.
Alexander Andrews: He's a fake, Ellie.
Ellie Andrews: He's one of the best flyers in the country.
Alexander Andrews: He's no good and you know it. You married him only because I told you not to.
Ellie Andrews: You've been telling me what not to do ever since I can remember.
Alexander Andrews: That's because you've always been a stubborn idiot.
Ellie Andrews: I come from a long line of stubborn idiots!
Oscar Shapeley: Believe you me!
Ellie Andrews: Believe you me, you bore me to distraction.
Ellie Andrews: I'll stop a car, and I won't use my thumb!
Peter Warne: What're you gonna do?
Ellie Andrews: It's a system all my own.
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