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Quotations from Iron Man

Iron Man is a superhero action-adventure science-fiction film about Tony Stark, a rich, industralist, and master engineer who decides to build a powerful exoskeleton that allows him to become Iron Man. Directed by Jon Favreau. Starring Robert Downey, Jr., Terrance Howard, Jeff Bridges, and Gwyneth Paltrow. The film received great critical acclaim upon its release, especially for Downey, Jr.'s acting.

Iron Man is a fantastic film for children of all ages, but beware of the violence. Read some quotes from this comic book movie below.

Christine Everheart: Have you ever lost an hour of sleep your whole life?
Tony Stark: I'd be prepared to lose a few with you.
Tony Stark: They say the best weapon is one you never have to fire. I prefer the weapon you only need to fire once. That's how dad did it, that's how America does it, and it's worked out pretty well so far.
Christine Everheart: Tony Stark! Christine Everheart, Vanity Fair magazine.
Tony Stark: Hi, yeah okay, go.
Christine Everheart: Mr. Stark, you've been called the Da Vinci of our time; what do you say to that?
Tony Stark: Absolutely ridiculous, I don't paint.
Christine Everheart: What do you say to your other nickname, the 'Merchant of Death'?
Tony Stark: That's not bad.
Tony Stark: I should be dead already... It must be for a reason... I just finally know... what I have to do...
Soldier: Is it cool if I get a picture with you?
Tony Stark: Yes. Yes it's very cool. I don't wanna see this on your MySpace page. Please, no gang signs. No, throw it up. I'm kidding.
Jim Rhodes: You're not a soldier.
Tony Stark: Damn right I'm not. I'm an army.
Tony Stark: No one's allowed to talk, is that it? You're not allowed to talk?
Driver: No, you intimidate them.
Tony Stark: Good God! You're a woman!
Tony Stark: We gotta go. Come on, move with me. We got a plan, and we're going to stick to it.
Yinsen: This was always the plan, Stark.
Tony Stark: Come on, you're going to go see your family again.
Yinsen: My family's dead. I'm going to see them now, Stark. It's okay. I want this.
Tony Stark: Hmmm. Your eyes are red. Tears for your long lost boss?
Virginia 'Pepper' Potts: Tears of joy, maybe. I hate job hunting.
Tony Stark: Yeah, well, vacation's over.
Tony Stark: Pepper, uh, how big are your hands?
Virginia 'Pepper' Potts: What?
Tony Stark: How big are your hands?
Virginia 'Pepper' Potts: I don't understand why...
Tony Stark: Get down here. I need you.
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